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Pharmacy Technician at a Glance

What does a pharmacy technician do?

  • Helps licensed pharmacists prepare prescription medications, provides customer service and performs administrative duties in a pharmacy, which may be in a community or institutional setting
  • May receive prescription requests, measure and mix medications, label bottles and sometimes perform administrative functions such as answering phones, stocking shelves and operating cash registers, depending on the size of the company
  • Works with medications and usually has extended contact with customers and licensed pharmacists, but has no hands-on medical contact with patients

What is the career outlook?

  • Work is available in pharmacies of all types, including retail and mail-order pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and assisted-living facilities
  • Varying schedules may include nights, weekends and holidays
  • In Texas: projected job growth of 27 percent through 2020 with median salaries of $14.66 per hour or $30,500 annually* 
    Dallas County: median salaries $15.81 per hour or $32,900 annually*

Statistics are included only as guidelines and will vary with fluctuations in the economy and job market. More specific local hiring and salary information can be obtained at college information sessions.

Pharmacy Technician Program

Awards and coursework Brookhaven Cedar Valley Eastfield Mountain View Richland Credit hours Continuing Education contact hours
Community Pharmacy TechnicianX256
Institutional Pharmacy TechnicianX 368
Combined Institutional Pharmacy Technician + Community Pharmacy TechnicianX 624
PTCB Approved Admixture Technician (Aseptic Techniques for Pharmacy Technicians) as per requirements by the Pharmacy Technician Certification BoardX 56
Continuing Education coursework for specific skills trainingXX
Note: To work as a pharmacy technician in the state of Texas, you are required to pass the Pharmacy Technician Certification exam and complete registration through the Texas State Board of Pharmacy.  For more information, visit the Texas State Board of Pharmacy website

Who can help me decide which health science career is right for me?

Contact the Health Careers Resource Center.

What more do I need to know?

  • Acceptance to the Community and Institutional Pharmacy Technician programs is by proof of high school diploma or equivalency, assessment of academic and computer skills and personal interview.
  • The PCTB Approved Admixture Technician program is designed for pharmacy technicians to increase their knowledge of aseptic techniques and the compounding and dispensing of medications and hazardous drugs; testing includes written and practical exams.
  • Learn more about the DOL Pharmacy Technician Apprenticeship Program.pdf
  • Learn more about Pharmacy Technician.

*America’s Career Infonet 2011 data for pharmacy technicians