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Emergency Medical Services (EMT and Paramedic) at a Glance

What does an EMT or paramedic do?

  • Both emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and paramedics work in emergency settings to assess patients’ injuries, provide immediate medical care and transport sick or injured patients to medical facilities
  • EMTs receive training of 150-200 hours, depending on basic or intermediate level of certification
  • Paramedics, who must earn EMT certification first, receive training of at least 1,000 hours and provide more extensive care, including administering medications, interpreting EKGs, performing intubations and using other complex equipment

What is the career outlook?

  • Many EMTs and paramedics work shifts of 24 hours on followed by 48 hours off
  • Work is both indoors and outdoors in all types of weather, in fast-paced and physically demanding conditions
  • Jobs available in fire and police departments, private ambulance services, hospitals and emergency 911 services
  • In Texas: projected job growth in a combined job category is 35 percent through 2020; median salaries of $14.10 per hour or $29,300 annually*
    In Dallas County: median salaries $13.84 per hour or $28,800 annually*

Statistics are included only as guidelines and will vary with fluctuations in the economy and job market. More specific local hiring and salary information can be obtained at college information sessions.

EMT and Paramedic programs

Awards and coursework Brookhaven Cedar Valley Eastfield El Centro Mountain View North Lake Richland Credit hours Continuing Education contact hours
Paramedicine Associate in Applied Sciences DegreeX      60 
Emergency Medical Technician Basic CertificateX


​Emergency Medical Technician Basic CertificateX​148​

​Paramedicine Level II Certificate

Paramedic CertificateX42
Continuing Education coursework for specific skills trainingXXXXXXXvaried
To be a paramedic in the state of Texas, you must already be certified and have successfully completed an emergency medical technician (EMT) certificate program.  In order to perform specific job duties and responsibilities, the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) registers emergency medical service (EMS) providers at four levels.  Some states, including Texas, also offer their own certifications. For more information, visit the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians website. 

Measures of effectiveness Brookhaven El Centro
Licensure exam pass rates for students attending**

Licensure/Certification: The Texas Department of State Health Services provides certification for licensing EMTs and paramedics in Texas.
Employment rates for college graduates attending***100%97.4%

What are the program prerequisites?

Here are links to the current course catalogs listing all of the prerequisites, courses included, and the length of the programs.

Other helpful link:

  • EMT Program at Brookhaven College - everything you need to know.
  • Paramedic Information Page at Brookhaven College - everything you need to know.

Who can help me decide which health science career is right for me?

Contact the Health Careers Resource Center.

What more do I need to know?

  • Acceptance to the EMS program at Brookhaven is on a first-come, first-served basis without regards to professional affiliation, through open admission to the college with other requirements such as proof of immunization and insurance coverage.
  • Priority acceptance to the El Centro's Paramedic program is given to area EMS agency personnel, with non-agency applicants accepted as space is available. All applicants to either Paramedic program must have completed EMT training.
  • Learn more about Emergency Medical Services (EMT and Paramedic).

* and America’s Career Infonet 2011 data for emergency medical technicians and paramedics
**Licensure Data Reporting System from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board 2012-2013
***Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, Perkins 2012-2013