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EKG Technician at a Glance

Note: EKG Technician is a continuing education/non-credit program.

What does an EKG technician do?

  • Responsible for assisting physicians in diagnosing and treating cardiac or heart, and peripheral vascular or blood vessel ailments
  • Reviews physicians' interpretations of patient files, and monitors patients' heart rates
  • Operates and is responsible for the care of test equipment, explaining procedures to patients, and comparing findings to a standard to identify any problems

What is the career outlook?

  • EKG technicians usually work in cardiology doctors' offices, hospitals, and usually on a separate wing called the "telemetry unit"
  • National average salaries range from $22,000-$30,000 annually*

Statistics are included only as guidelines and will vary with fluctuations in the economy and job market. More specific local hiring and salary information can be obtained at individual college information sessions for a particular health careers program.

Awards and coursework​EFC​ECC​CVCBHCMVCRLC​
contact hours
EKG Technician Certification​XX​​XXX​X48-50
For more information about certification, visit the National Healthcare Association website.

Who can help me decide which health science career is best for me?

Contact the Health Careers Resource Center.

*Technician Salary Guide 2012 data for EKG Technician