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EMS Faculty at Brookhaven College

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Alex Stadthagen, B.A.A.S., LP/NREMT-P, FF
Associate Dean of Instruction and EMS Program Director

Zachary Caldwell, B.A.A.S., NREMT-P

Richard Campbell, B.S., LP/NREMT-P, FF
Lead Faculty
DeMoss Collins, NREMT-P, FF
Lead Faculty
David Dunafan, NREMT-P, FF
C.E. Program Coordinator
RN-to-Paramedic Lead Faculty
Joel “Duck” Hawkins, B.A., NREMT-P    
EMS Clinical Coordinator
Damon Johnson, EMT-P
Irving and Coppell H.S. Coordinator

Paul Kozak, A.B.  
EMS Lab Coordinator

Chris Malvik, B.A.S., LP, NREMT-P
Lead Faculty

Gabriel Marsh, B.S., LP, NRP

Amy Parker-Ferguson, M.Ed., LP/NREMT-P, RN
Turner High School Coordinator
Roy K. Yamada, M.D., FACEP
Medical Director


See what the abbreviations next to our instructors’ names and in their biographies stand for.