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Casey R. Lunt, B.S., RDMS, RVT

photo of Casey Lunt
International Clinical Marketing and Education Manager
Zonare Medical Systems Inc.
Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

“After I graduated from El Centro’s DMS program, I worked full time for Parkland Health and Hospital System and also worked on-call at Baylor Medical Center of Irving. Then, I was recruited to work for Zonare Medical Systems Inc. to work as an applications specialist. My territory included the west half of the U.S. This same company offered me a position to work as the international clinical marketing and education manager responsible for all of Europe, the Middle East and Africa. It has been quite the ride since I left ultrasound school.

“When I was working as a physical therapist technician, a nurse told me about ultrasound. The next thing I knew, I was talking to Jan Blend and applying to the program. Since I already had a bachelor’s degree, I went for the DMS certificate. My experience at Parkland and Baylor offered me a quick path to move into an applications specialist role. 

"I have now been in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, for over a year and traveled to 23 countries and over 110 cities in the last three years. This job has been great in that I not only get to go into hospitals and different medical environments on three continents — I’m getting to see the world while I work.

“I’ve always loved medicine across the board; in fact, at one time, I thought I wanted to be a doctor. But after actually working in hospitals for a few years, I realized that I didn’t want to be married to one particular hospital and there were plenty of other medical positions that I could do. As a sonographer you still get to play a very large role in the diagnosis, prevention and care of the patient. It is a very rewarding and exciting modality.

“My certification through El Centro and training as a sonographer allowed me to get great training, and I saw some pretty incredible things in my time at Parkland Hospital. When residents or ultrasound students would come through, I’d tell them that if they worked here for six months, they’d be seasoned enough to go anywhere and be prepared for anything. You really see some amazing things there.

“The best part of my time at El Centro was that our class had incredible camaraderie; we studied and did nearly everything together. Jan Blend, Pam Crawford and Cathy Carolan were also incredible, especially in the relationships they’ve built with hospitals in the DFW area. El Centro’s sonography program is so well established in the ultrasound world that before you even graduate, employers are knocking down your door to offer you a job.

“Sonography as a career is an overall great general modality for the medical field. It’s still young in nature and there are so many emerging technologies — so many ways to use it than ever before. It used to be that sonography was mostly doing ultrasound on pregnant women, but now the applications are really widespread. You can work in a hospital, in a clinic, in an emergency setting, in a vascular lab, anesthesia, MSK, intensive care, etc. You can be a traveling sonographer — or be an applications specialist like me. You can go anywhere in the world.”

Casey Lunt holds a bachelor’s degree in sports medicine from Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, and earned a certificate in Diagnostic Medical Sonography from El Centro College. Based in Amsterdam, he has served in his current position since early 2008. He is credentialed as a registered diagnostic medical sonographer (RDMS) and registered vascular technologist (RVT).