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Welding Technology Degrees and Certificates

Mountain View and Eastfield colleges

Credit Welding Courses

The catalog indicates which of the following is offered at a particular college.

  • The Welding Technology Associate in Applied Sciences degree prepares you for entry-level welding jobs as well as for welding inspection. In the first week of class, the instructor will give out a list of required tools you’ll need to buy. This degree can be completed in two years if you are a full-time student.

The following certificates are designed to qualify students in specific welding processes on either plate or pipe in accordance to the American Welding Society or the American Petroleum Institute welding procedures. The credit certificates may be completed in two semesters. Courses are also offered for continuing education units (CEUs).

Welding courses are also offered as components of other programs such as Auto Body Technology. Check the catalog for welding courses and their college locations.

Continuing Education Program at El Centro College’s Bill J. Priest Campus  

A continuing education (noncredit) Welding Technology program is offered at El Centro College’s Bill J. Priest Campus, located just south of downtown Dallas. The program offers continuing education units of 300 contact hours each in one of three welding specialties: