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Omar Serrano

photo of Omar Serrano

Able Electric Service

“I’m getting a really good basic knowledge that includes how to read plans. One of the best part of my classes is that we learn how to work out calculations from the bottom all the way through. I’m learning so much about electrical systems that I never knew, even though I’ve been in my job for two years now.

“As an estimator, when I’m estimating a job, I get a set of plans to do a take-off, which includes measurements and a supply list. Then we input that into estimating software — we use AcuBid — so that management can decide how to calculate the mark-up.

“I love what I do. In this job, I get to do a little bit of everything — math, computers — and I get to use the knowledge I’m learning in class in the office where I work. You never stop learning in the field. You should take as many courses as you can and learn as much information as you can. The more you get exposed to and learn, the more you’ll succeed.”

Omar Serrano has worked in his current position for two years and plans to get his journeyman’s and master electrician’s licenses. He is earning an associate degree in Electrical Construction from North Lake College.