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Advanced Manufacturing/Mechatronics Technology
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The word mechatronics describes a field that combines mechanics and electronicsThe technology is used to create automated processes that operate with minimal human intervention, freeing workers from routine tasks.

Many electronic goods are manufactured using automated processes. Both the end product and the manufacturing equipment that creates them need trained technicians and engineers for development and maintenance.

Mechatronics jobs might require external design of a product, the electronic circuits on the inside, or the automated equipment that assembles the product. Applications include a wide variety of manufacturing and robotics-driven processes as well as business fields with complex computer systems such as banking and commerce.

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Career Opportunities

Our hands-on Mechatronics program prepares you to go to work as an entry-level service technician, diagnosing, servicing and repairing automated systems. Mechatronics is also an excellent skill-set supplement to related areas such as electronics and engineering.

Why is This a Good Career Bet? 

Automated systems are used to produce electronic devices used in all all industries – including manufacturing, computer-aided design, information technology, communications, medical and surgical devices and defense.

Workforce Solutions of Greater Dallas’s targeted occupations this year projects high job growth this year for aircraft assemblers, machinists and CNC (computer numerically controlled) machine operators, all positions in which automated processes play a role. High-growth industry sectors include information technology, medicine, and defense and homeland security.

America’s Career Infonet projects job growth of 55 percent for CNC programmers and 25 percent for electro-mechanical technicians, which include robotics. High job growth is defined as an annual increase of more than 10 percent. 

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 Degree and Certificate Options for Mechatronics

Eastfield College • Mountain View College

The catalog indicates which award is offered at a particular college:

New Program and Degree: Electrical Engineering Technology 

  • Electrical Engineering Technology A.A.S. This new degree was designed in collaboration with Texas Instruments, using target competencies identified by the TI Engineering Council to create a job pathway for well-trained semiconductor manufacturing technicians. Its creation was funded by TI and the DCCCD, as well as a federal grant to Richland College to support the Veterans-Focused Engineering Technology Project for local veterans to enter or re-enter the job market. This degree can be completed in two years by a full-time student and is offered at Eastfield and Richland colleges. 

Biomedical Equipment Technology (BMET) Program for Veterans 

Qualified North Texas veterans have the opportunity to train for one of the hottest job growth areas in health care: biomedical equipment maintenance. The Biomedical Technology (BMET) program provides an intensive five-month curriculum that teaches installation and repair of sophisticated biomedical equipment such as CT scanners, ultrasound machines and EKG machines, all critical for patient treatment and care. This innovative program is a result of a partnership between DCCCD and the Gen. Richard B. Myers Veterans Biomedical Equipment Technology Program, and is a part of MediSend International, a Dallas-based nonprofit humanitarian organization. 

Program participants must be post-9/11 veterans who are good at math and algebra, have electronic and technical skills and are able to attend classes daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at MediSend's Biomedical Technology School. 

Successful completers earn a BMET certification and may continue their education to an accelerated associate degree at Eastfield or Richland colleges. Visit for more information or call 214-575-5006, ext. 112.