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Maintenance Professional
Halliburton Energy Services

“My instructors at Eastfield were awesome. Clay Rawlins astounded me every day with his knowledge and desire to help any student with any question. He was just able to explain things in a way that you could really understand.

“When I look back on my education from where I am now, the thing that stands out is all the hands-on experience I got that really translates into troubleshooting ability on the job. I use every bit of knowledge on a daily basis, from AC/DC and digital fundamentals to devices and circuits.

“I actually got hired for a different job and then was moved into this one. After Halliburton hired me, they went right back to Eastfield to see if they had any more graduates ready to go to work because my training had prepared me so well for my job. A guy who got an electronics degree from a technical school asked for the same kind of move up, and they said no — he didn’t have the skill level.

“I’ve made more money in the first four months of this job than my entire education at Eastfield cost me. I’d say that’s a good payoff for your education.”

A graduate of Rockwall High School, Rusty Dale earned double associate degrees at Eastfield College in Electronics/Computer Technology and Electronic Telecommunications. After serving for three years in the U.S. Air Force as an avionics technician, he worked for a while installing audio-visual and home theater equipment before securing his current position with Halliburton Energy Services.

As a maintenance professional in the logging sector of the oil industry — a position he describes as a blend of electronics and mechanical technician job skills — he maintains the electrical equipment and tools both on the surface and down-hole in oil and gas wells. Data from the equipment down-hole — which may be to a depth of four or five miles — gives engineers valuable information on formations, where oil or natural gas is located and in what quantities. He works for Halliburton in Woodward, Okla.