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Digital Forensics Course List

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Listed below are some course summaries to give you an idea what kinds of courses are offered in the program. For more information on the full range of courses offered in the Digital Forensics program, please consult our online catalog

See the course flow chart for the order in which courses are taken.

Digital Forensics Courses

ITDF 1300  Intro to Digital Forensics

Study of the application of forensic science and technology to collect, analyze, document and present after-the-fact digital information from digital sources. Overview of ethics, white collar crime, HIPPA, SOX, GLBA and other guidelines/regulations/laws. Includes overview of tools used for forensic analysis of digital devices.

ITDF 1305 Fundamentals of Digital Data Storage

Exploration, examination and assessment of the characteristics and details of digital storage media used in computer systems and small-scale digital devices, such as cell phones, cameras, TiVos, PDAs and other devices. Includes experimenting with various open source tools to reinforce identification of evidentiary data.

ITDF 1370 Introduction to Cyber Crime

History of cybercrime and an examination of techniques and strategies for investigating computer crime.

ITDF 2320 Digital Forensics Collection

A study of acquiring digital evidence from devices, networks and logs while preserving the evidentiary chain. Includes the legal aspects of the search and seizure of computers and related equipment/information.

ITDF 2425 Digital Forensics Tools

Skills-based course in the applications of major forensic hardware and software tools such as EnCase, ILook, Forensic Tool Kit, write blockers, StegAlyzerSS, “X-Ways” forensic software, ProDiscover Basic and others.

ITDF 2435 Comprehensive Digital Forensics Project

Comprehensive application of skills learned in previous digital forensics courses in a simulated crime scene or workplace investigation. Includes collection, analysis and presentation of digital data and evidence in a problem-based case study format. This course is used as a capstone course for a certificate or degree.

ITDF 2430 Digital Forensics Analysis

Digital forensics analysis, report preparation and evidence presentation. Emphasizes balancing legal and technical aspects of cases where digital forensics is employed.

ITDF 2470 Financial Cyber Crime

Explores the areas of economic cybercrime. Emphasis is placed on crimes that are being committed using computers, networks and the Internet and their impact to businesses. Attacks on networks of businesses have resulted in large monetary losses, compromised customer privacy and fraudulent activity.

ITDF 2471 Internship for Digital Forensics

Provides experience in digital forensics in either the public or private sector. Emphasis is placed on student involvement with business or government agencies dealing with digital forensic analysis or investigation.

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