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Digital Forensics Specialization Tracks


The Digital Forensics Associate in Applied Sciences degree, a five-semester program, is designed to prepare students for various career opportunities in the computer forensics arena in government, the private sector and law enforcement agencies.

There are two specialization tracks:

Cyber Crime, emphasizing investigative techniques and methodology development used in digital forensic investigations

This is the investigative-side specialization of the degree plan, consisting primarily of Introduction to Digital Forensics (ITDF) courses and including:

  • digital forensic investigations
  • network forensic investigations
  • mobile forensic investigations
  • forensic accounting
  • digital forensic analysis
  • digital forensic collection methods
  • legal vs. civil investigations
  • investigating data at rest
  • investigating data in motion
  • ACE, EnCE and CCE certifications

Information Assurance, placing more emphasis on computer operating systems, network security and incident response to security threats. This specialization is aligned with four-year institution requirements; thus, students planning to continue their studies should follow this specialization.

This is the asset protection- and risk management-side specialization of the degree plan and consists primarily of Information Technology/Security (ITSY) courses.

Emphases include:

  • compliance
  • threat modeling
  • business continuity plan design
  • disaster recovery plan design
  • asset identification and protection
  • integrity, availability and confidentiality
  • intrusion prevention
  • intrusion detection
  • identified intrusion containment
  • incident response
  • not just data, but people and operations too
  • Security+, CISSP, CEH certifications covered wholly or in part