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Links to Additional Information About CADD

Note: Links to the following websites are provided for your convenience and information, and do not constitute official endorsement by the colleges of DCCCD.

  • AEC Newsroom, an online magazine for architectural, engineering and construction professionals.
  • American Design Drafting Association International, a professional organization for drafters, designers, architects, illustrators, graphic artists and digital and multimedia technicians.
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers, a professional organization for mechanical engineers, offers a student membership.
  • Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture is a professional organization that sponsors its own conferences, competitions and awards.
  • CAD Magazine, a Spanish-language publication (based in Spain), offering in-depth news and information about AutoCAD-related topics.
  • Cadalyst, one of the oldest CAD magazines, is available in electronic and print editions, providing industry-wide CAD reviews and analysis.
  • CAD Digest is a free online CAD magazine with news and information about dozens of specific CAD software programs.
  • DE Online — Desktop Engineering magazine is available in print as well as online as a resource for mechanical engineers with insight into various MCAD software programs.
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers calls itself the world’s leading professional association for the advancement of technology, and offers publications, conferences, industry standards and information on education and careers.
  • upFront.eZine is one of the oldest and most popular electronic CAD newsletters and has been reporting on CAD software since 1985.
  • Building Smart Alliance is the only comprehensive U.S. CAD standard for the design, construction and facility management industries. It establishes a common language for the building design and documentation process.