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Computer Aided Design and Drafting Student Success Stories

No matter where these current or former students are in the process of reaching their goals, we salute them. They have dared to turn dreams into reality through education.

Could you be next?

Click on the photos to learn more about each person.

Edward Bedford
3-D CAD Designer, Hilite International
José Delgado
Future hopeful mechanical engineer
Philip Gutierrez
Transfer student and future hopeful mechanical engineer
Robert McKay
GIS Specialist, Atmos Energy
Bryan A. Palmer

Jesús Pereyra
Engineer Designer, Wilson Co., Architecture Student, the University of Texas at Arlington

Adolph Rodriguez   
Mechanical Designer, Bilco Brick
Gabriela “Gaby” Sanchez     
CAD Technician, Raymond L. Goodson Jr. Inc. Consulting Engineers
Mike Walker
Supervisor of Mechanical Design, Continental Electronics Corp.
Marques G. Washington
CADD Program Coordinator and Faculty, Eastfield College
Suzanne Weber
CAD Technician, Teague Nall & Perkins 

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