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Government Careers

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Studying or majoring in government, along with further study, is applicable to the following careers, among others:

• attorney
• broadcast journalist
• campaign staffer
• city management staffer
• city secretary
• congressional aide
• customs/immigration officer
• executive
• foreign service officer
• hospital administrator
• human resources manager
• law enforcement officer
• legislative analyst
• lobbyist
• media analyst
• missionary
• paralegal
• politician
• print journalist
• public information officer
• public relations assistant
• teacher

Although undergraduate degrees are sufficient for entry-level positions in government and business, graduate degrees in public administration or other areas are helpful for management and administrative positions.

A broad liberal arts background is encouraged, with excellent verbal and written skills; mastery of a foreign language is a plus.

Part-time and summer internships are extremely helpful in landing jobs in governmental organizations, and leadership skills demonstrated by organization and student government positions will be a plus on your résumé.

Military experience and training can also serve as an entry into government jobs.

Careers and Education in Government-Related Fields