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Learning Framework


If you have fewer than 12 hours of college-level classes, you must take and complete EDUC 1300, also known as Learning Framework. 

EDUC 1300 addresses factors that impact learning, including research and theory in learning; strategies to monitor, regulate and control cognition, motivation and behavior; and the ability to think ethically and critically. Mastering these factors helps you succeed in college.

You’ll be stopped from enrolling in your 10th college-level hour if you have not registered for EDUC 1300.

Who is exempt from taking EDUC 1300?

Students who are 65 years of age and older and students with 12 or more college level hours are exempt. Students may be waived (temporary action, future action required by advisor) from completing EDUC 1300 if they:

  • Are seeking career and technical education through an Associate of Applied Sciences degree, a certificate or a credit contract training program
  • Are transient university students
  • Are Dual Credit students who have not graduated from high school

Have questions? Contact an advisor at your college.

See our official catalog for more information about Core Curriculum and Pre-Core Requirements.