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Career Pathway — Unleash Your Potential!


photo of people working at a computerA Career Pathway lets you get a jump start on college and your career while you’re still in high school!

Career Pathway — Easy as 1-2-3-4

  1. Talk to your counselor to learn about Career Pathway programs at your high school.
  2. Complete the recommended classes in your chosen Career Pathway program with a B or better.
  3. Enroll in a college of DCCCD within 12 months after high school graduation.
  4. Bring your high school transcript to the Career Pathway advisor at the college campus to request your credits.

Want More Information?

We’ve got it:

  • How It Works — Read a detailed description of the program and learn more about the benefits.
  • School Districts Served — Wondering if Career Pathway is offered at your high school? Chances are good the answer is yes.
  • Career Pathway Programs — Check out all the Career Pathway programs offered through the seven colleges of DCCCD, or find out which programs are offered by each college.
  • Career Pathway Scholarship and Other DCCCD Scholarships — You may qualify for a special Career Pathway scholarship. If not, the Foundation offers plenty of other scholarships that can help you pay for college.
  • LiveBinder — Our Career Pathway staff keep this site updated with all kinds of helpful resources and information for students.

photo of person using stethoscopeHigh School Graduates — Get Your Career Pathway Credit

It’s easy! Just contact a Career Pathway advisor to see if you qualify for free college credits!

He or she will help you match your Career Pathway credits with a college degree program and let you know if you qualify for a Career Pathway scholarship.