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How It Works


photo of a girl at a computerWhat Is Career Pathway? Why Should I Sign Up? 

A Career Pathway allows you to start learning technical skills and earning college credit while you are still in high school.

Choose from lots of technical fields. And learn how to prepare for a high-paying career as early as the ninth grade!

Who Is Career Pathway For?

Career Pathway is designed to help all students achieve their goals. That includes students who:

  • want to go directly into the workforce
  • plan to complete college coursework, a certificate or an associate degree at a community college
  • want to attend a university and earn a bachelor’s degree

If you decide to enroll at a four-year university, don’t worry — your involvement in Career Pathway will not have been wasted. The math, science and communications courses you take will serve as excellent preparation for the academic and career challenges ahead.

How Does It Work?

(In a hurry? Read the quick summary.)

Step One

Discuss technical programs you might be interested in with your high school teachers or counselors. With their help, you can determine what technical programs will likely suit you best for further study in college. Once you make this decision, your counselor will help you fill out a Transfer of Articulated College Credit form. This form will be used to develop a list of suggested classes for you to take.

Photo fo a busy workplaceStep Two

Take the suggested high school classes and do your best to excel. It’s really that simple. If you earn the necessary grades in these classes — at least a B — you will receive articulated college credits along the way.

Just before high school graduation, ask your counselor to fill out a Transfer of Articulated College Credit form to go along with your high school transcript. By then, you are solidly on your way to college with as much as a semester’s worth of college credits already under your belt.

Step Three

Enroll in one of the seven Dallas County Community Colleges within 12 months of your high school graduation. (Learn more about the admissions and registration process.)

Step Four

Meet with a Career Pathway advisor at the college of your choice. Present to that advisor your high school transcript, along with your Transfer of Articulated College Credit form. The advisor will make sure you are awarded college credits for the articulated courses you took in high school. Declare a technical major in the Career Pathway associate degree program, and you will be given a list of classes to take to complete your program.