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Protective Service and Public Administration Training

photo of a police line

If you’re considering a new career or need to refresh your skills in law enforcement, private security or a related field, take a look at El Centro College’s Protective Service and Public Administration Training. We offer flexible hours and affordable tuition. Our faculty consists of highly experienced personnel with outstanding credentials in the areas of security and law enforcement. Graduates of our training classes are now employed within the state of Texas in law enforcement and security positions. The Continuing Education Department at El Centro College presently offers two Training Academies under the Protective and Administration Training.

Correctional Officer Training Academy

This course is required for employment with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and its contract vendors. In this course, you will identify the role and responsibilities of a correctional officer; learn defensive tactics, restraint techniques and first aid procedures as used in the correctional setting; discuss relevant rules, regulations and laws; demonstrate minimum firearms proficiency with revolver, shotgun and AR 15 rifle; and explain the use of less than lethal ammunitions. Prescreening by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice or contract vendor required.

Private Security Training Academy

Private Security Certificate Training at El Centro College meets the requirements and skills needed to progress as a law enforcement officer, private security officer, investigator, security manager or personal protection officer. Whether you are looking for a new career or updating your current skills, we have a program for you.

The Training Academy (#F00998) is licensed through the Texas Commission on Private Security to offer Level I, II, III and IV certifications and other security-related continuing education courses required for licensed registrants in the private security industry.

Civilian Firearms

This additional course is designed for people who must qualify to obtain or maintain a permit to carry a concealed handgun. Course topics are those required by the state of Texas. State law requires passage of a written test and demonstrated proficiency with the handgun.

For more information on Protective Service and Public Administration Training, please contact the program director, Gloria Smith, at 214-860-2672.