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Clinician/Practitioner Consultant


General Description

This role brings the background and experience of a professional licensed to provide clinical care or a public health professional and integrates training regarding workflow processes to provide consulting for health-care settings.

Suggested Background

Individuals in this role will be licensed clinical or public health professionals; or in the case of public health, they would bring into the role significant experience in federal, state or local public health agencies.


In addition to the activities noted for the Practice Workflow and Information Management Redesign Specialist role, workers in this role will be able to:

  • Analyze and recommend solutions for health IT implementation problems in clinical and public health settings, bringing clinical expertise directly to bear.
  • Advise and assist clinicians in taking full advantage of technology, enabling them to make best use of data in electronic form, including data in registries, to drive improvement in the quality, safety and efficiency of care.
  • Assist in selection of vendors and software by helping practice personnel to ask the right questions and evaluate the answers they receive.
  • Advocate for users’ needs, acting as a liaison between users, IT staff and vendors.
  • Ensure that the patient/consumer perspective is incorporated into EHR deployments and that full attention is paid in the deployment to critical issues of patient privacy.
  • Train practitioners in best use of the EHR system, conforming to the redesigned practice workflow.

Clinician/Practitioner Consultant Application (PDF - 45KB)