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Gifts Policy


Procedural Addendum to the Gifts Statements for the Dallas County Community College District

Statement of Gifts (adopted October 1991)

The Dallas County Community College District will consider gifts of books and other materials on the individual merit of each item. The same criteria that applies to selection of materials for the collection applies to gifts. We reserve the right to reject any material on the basis of our stated selection policy.

The Learning Resources Center (LRC) staff will not make appraisals of materials either for resale value or statements of donation on income tax reports.

A letter of acknowledgment will be sent to the donor. (Refer to Section 14 of the DCCCD Business Office Procedures manual for specific procedures). 


Procedural Addendum (approved by Robert Young, Oct. 20, 1994)

Books or other materials given to a Dallas County Community College District LRC as a memorial or as part of a named collection will be so designated with a gift plate. A letter will be sent to the donor acknowledging the gift. In the case of a named collection, appropriate signage will be displayed noting the collection.

The minimum requirements for a gift to be considered as a "named collection" would be any cash gift of $5,000 or greater donated to the DCCCD Foundation and accepted by the Board of Trustees. Any donated collection appraised at $5,000 or greater must also receive Board of Trustees acceptance in accordance with the procedures outlined in the Board of Trustees Policies and Administrative Procedures Manual Chapter VII/E-02.

The Dallas County Community College District LRC reserves the right to determine acceptance of a named collection. It is the stated preference of the LRC to limit the number of named or special collections which are shelved separately from the Main or Reference collections due to collection access considerations.

The LRC reserves the right to reject any named or special collection based on space limitations, special temperature conditions or circulation issues. Donors giving named or special collections valued at more than $5,000 need to include provisions for the processing costs of placing materials on the shelves.

Since the LRC is ultimately responsible for collection evaluation and maintenance, the LRC reserves the right to periodically evaluate gifts and named collections relative to issues such as conservation, space limitations and collection development processes. The designation as a named collection does not imply a lifetime commitment or obligation on the part of the DCCCD or the college. Named collections need to be evaluated every five years with the donors or heirs to evaluate the materials relative to collection development, continued maintenance or conservation issues, and future directions.