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2012 Whose Side Are You On?

The commercials in DCCCD’s new ad campaign illustrate the conversations we have with ourselves – in our head – the left side of our brain solving problems more rationally than the subjective right side. This idea uses the iconic visual of a brain. With both sides on the case, there is nothing the brain can’t solve! The commercials are executed in an animation style that is simple and memorable – using colorful backgrounds and hand-drawn images that vibrate and shake to create energy. The voices in the spots add a quirky personality to this serious subject to create commercials that are intelligent and humorous. Our tagline, Smart Starts Here, points to the place where excuses become action when you expand your mind at DCCCD.

The ads reinforce the quality of the curriculum offered by DCCCD and our affordability – a university-quality experience for a quarter of the cost.

Television Commercials
We post videos related to DCCCD on our YouTube channel as soon as we have them. We’d love to have you subscribe to our videos through your YouTube account so you can get the inside scoop — our current subscribers see our commercials before anyone else! Don’t have a YouTube account? You can get one — it’s free
Not Good Enough
Need to Go
Big Picture
Spanish Television Commercials
Immature (Spanish)
Need to Go (Spanish)
Web Only (15 sec.) Commercials
Great Paying Job
On the Job
The Best Thing
College is Great
  Do the Math
Billboard Ads
40 Years
Can't Afford
Save the Earth
Radio Ads
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Radio Commercials in English
The Big Picture :30 Seconds
Different :30 Seconds
Dreams :30 Seconds
Need to Go :30 Seconds
Radio Commercials in Spanish
Different :60 Seconds
First Time :60 Seconds
Not a Waste :60 Seconds
Tradition :60 Seconds