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2008-2009 Campaign

Television Commercials
We post videos related to DCCCD on our YouTube channel as soon as we have them. This year we even have a special “making of” video shot during one of our commercial shoots to give you a behind-the-scenes look at how our commercials come to be.

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Mitchem’s commercial Mitchem Boles Mitchem Boles, Texas A&M student getting ahead at DCCCD: “I stayed ahead at Texas A&M by taking summer and wintermester classes at a Dallas Community College. Those core courses helped me stay on track and graduate on time, and I received individual attention in small classes.” Becky, Mitchem’s mother: “Dallas Community Colleges offer lower tuition, a large number of courses and flexible class schedules. They made it easy for my son to choose a school, and the credit hours transferred easily, too.”
Dr. Bolton’s commercial Dr. Billy Bolton Dr. William Bolton, cardiothoracic surgeon: “When I was a child, my family dealt with many illnesses. I wanted to become a doctor, but I wasn’t sure I could do it. Then I went to a Dallas County Community College, where my teachers encouraged me, my grades were good and I learned I could do well in medical school. Today, as a cardiothoracic surgeon, I help cancer patients get well every day. Start your career at a Dallas County Community College, and you can help others, too.”
Craig’s commercial Craig Drayden For Craig Drayden, it all begins here: “No one in my family ever finished college. I’m the first. After years of dead-end jobs, I wanted something different, and I found the support I needed at a Dallas Community College. My teachers went the extra mile to make sure I became a success. Today I’m working on a dual master’s degree in health care administration and public health. With support from a Dallas Community College, I created my own pattern for success.”
Faculty commercial: Adrien Cuellar-McGuire, David McCoy and Jeremy Roden DCCCD Faculty David McCoy: “The right education today means affordable tuition and a quality Core Curriculum. That’s why I teach Government.” Jeremy Roden: “The right education today requires technology and resources to be prepared for the future. That’s why I teach Interactive Simulation and Game Technology.” Adrien Cuellar McGuire: “The right education today includes culture, dedication and goals. That’s why I teach Humanities.” All: “That’s why we teach at a Dallas Community College.” Enroll now at a Dallas County Community College. It all begins here.
Liz and Pamela’s commercial Liz and Pamela Juarez
en Español

Liz: “Comencé una nueva tradición familiar. Yo estudié en un Colegio Comunitario de Dallas y hoy soy enfermera.” Pamela: “La tradición continúa conmigo. Yo estudio derecho penal en un Colegio Comunitario de Dallas y algún día seré abogada.” Sr. Juárez: “Es importante que todos mis hijos tengan una carrera universitaria.” Liz: “¡Empieza una nueva tradición!” Inscríbete hoy en un Colegio Comunitario de Dallas. Todo comienza aquí.

English translation: Liz: “My sister and I are starting a new family tradition. I was a student at a Dallas Community College. Now I’m a nurse.” Pamela: “That tradition continues with me. I’m a student at a Dallas Community College. I’m studying criminal justice because I want to be a lawyer someday.” Mr. Juarez: “It’s important for all of my children to get a college education.” Liz: “Start a new tradition!”

Gina and Arlington’s commercial Gina Maldonado and Arlington Jones

Gina Maldonado, professional singer, composer and actor, and Arlington Jones II, (former) Commercial Music professor, Cedar Valley College: Gina: “Singer, composer, actor — that’s me! My degrees from a Dallas Community College helped me establish myself in the music industry. My teachers were my mentors, and they were professional musicians, too. My classes were small, and I learned so much. Today, I own a studio, sing, record and model.” Arlington: “You can hit the right notes, too. Start your music career at a Dallas Community College.”

Liz’s commercial Liz Mikel

Liz Mikel, television actress, “Friday Night Lights”: “Like many little girls, I wanted to be a dancer, a musician and an actress. I enjoyed being on stage when I was young, and that joy continues today on TV after years of dedication, hard work and family support. Finding my place on center stage also meant getting a quality education. My success began at a Dallas Community College. Take a starring role in your future!”

Israel’s commercial Israel Ramirez
en Español

Israel Ramirez, aerospace engineering student, UT Arlington: “¡Las estrellas están a tu alcance! Te lo puedo demostrar. Comencé en un Colegio Comunitario de Dallas y hoy estudio ingeniería aero-espacial. Con la ayuda de mis consejeros y profesores todas mis clases se transfirieron a UTA, dónde recibiré mi título. ¡Tú también alcanza una estrella y descubre tu carrera!” Inscríbete hoy en un Colegio Comunitario de Dallas. Todo comienza aquí.

English translation: “You can reach for the stars! I can prove it. I got my start at a Dallas Community College. Today, I’m studying aerospace engineering. With the help of my counselors and instructors, all of my classes transferred to UTA, where I’m finishing my bachelor’s degree. Reach for the stars and find your career, too!”

Dr. Reilly’s commercial Dr. James Reilly

For former astronaut Dr. James Reilly, it all began here: “We live in an increasingly complex technological world, and to be competitive, we have to meet the challenges of the 21st century in math, science and engineering. What got us to the moon, took us to space and will take future astronauts to put the first steps in the red dust of Mars begins with a quality education. Begin your journey into the 21st century at a Dallas Community College.” (Also see Dr. Reilly’s NASA bio)

Henry and Ceasar’s commercial Henry and Ceasar Rios
en Español

Ceasar and Henry Rios, Dallas firefighters-in-training

Henry: “Iba tras mi sueño de ser bombero cuando empecé mi carrera en un Colegio Comunitario de Dallas. Hoy mi hermano sigue el mismo camino.” Ceasar: “Sigo los pasos de mi hermano entrenándome en el programa para bomberos de Dallas. Ese sueño comienza con una educación. Siguiendo el ejemplo de mi hermano me inscribí en un Colegio Comunitario de Dallas. Las grandes carreras comienzan aquí.” Inscríbete hoy en un Colegio Comunitario de Dallas. Todo comienza aquí.

English translation: Henry: “I followed my dream to become a firefighter when I started my career at a Dallas County Community College. Now my little brother is following the same path.” Ceasar: “I want to follow in my brother’s footsteps in the Dallas Firefighter Training program to save lives. That dream starts with an education, so I’m following my big brother’s lead by enrolling at a Dallas County Community College. Great careers start here.”

Special video: Making of a DCCCD Commercial Making of a Commercial

A making-of for part of a DCCCD commercial to be aired on local Dallas TV affiliates. Background music is “Blackbird” by Lennon/McCartney performed by Ed Smith, DCCCD’s own Cedar Valley College Commercial Music faculty member. The track was recorded live in 2001 during the CVC Wednesday Recital Series.

Billboard Ads
Billboards (PDF - 7MB)

Featuring: Robert Agee, Liz and Pamela Juarez, Tom Post, Dr. James Reilly, Dr. Billy Bolton, Mitchem Boles, Arlington Jones and Gina Maldonado, Nicole Jordan-Williams, Craig Drayden, Joan Meeks, Liz Mikel, Israel Ramirez

Radio Ads
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Radio Commercials in English

Robert Agee

:30 and :60
Mitchem Boles :30 and :60
Dr. Billy Bolton :30 and :60
Joan Ui`lani Meeks :30 and :60
Liz Mikel :30 and :60
Tom Post :30
Dr. James Reilly :30 and :60
David Small :30
Nicole Jordan Williams :60
Radio Commercials en Español

Gina Maldonado

:30 and :60
Israel Ramirez :30
Perla Sanchez :30 and :60
Rogelio Vera :60