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2006-2007 Campaign

Television Commercials
We post videos related to DCCCD on our YouTube channel as soon as we have them. Below is a collection of DCCCD commercials from our 2006-2007 campaign.
commercial screenshot Tommy Alsbrooks Starting a family was a wake-up call for Tommy Alsbrooks. He knew a college education was the key to providing a better life for his wife and kids. Tommy enrolled at a Dallas County Community College, where he earned an associate degree in Computer Information Systems while working full time. His DCCCD degree helped him land a job in technical support for a Fortune 500 company and then The Federal Reserve, where he manages the desktop services division. He is finishing his master’s degree in finance at the University of Texas at Dallas. For Tommy, it all began here.
commercial screenshot Dunia Borga Dunia Borga describes herself as an old-fashioned Latina. She began taking pastry classes at a Dallas County Community College and learned to make delicious desserts that would spoil her family — never dreaming she would become a restaurant owner one day. Small classes and personal attention from caring professors helped Dunia convert her passion for cooking into a successful career. Dunia’s talents and her award-winning pastries draw many people to her restaurants, including her former professors. For Dunia, it all began here.
commercial screenshot Dunia Borga
en Español
Dunia Borga se describe como una latina chapada a la antigua. Comenzó a tomar clases de repostería en un Colegio Comunitario de Dallas para aprender a preparar postres y consentir a su familia — nunca imaginó que sería dueña de varios restaurantes. La atención personalizada por profesores dedicados, ayudaron a Dunia a convertir su pasión por la cocina en una exitosa carrera. Para Dunia, todo comenzó aquí.
commercial screenshot Kathalene Harris Kids at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children are lucky that Kathalene knows her ABCs. As the hospital’s respiratory care coordinator, her expertise in Airway, Breath and Circulation procedures helps this manager and educator save children’s lives every day. Kathalene learned her ABCs, the building blocks of respiratory care, at a Dallas County Community College. She started college in her 40s, balancing a full-time job and a full load of classes. After earning her associate degree in Respiratory Care at DCCCD, she received a bachelor’s degree at Paul Quinn College and an MBA from the University of Texas at Dallas. For Kathalene, it all began here.
commercial screenshot Rafael Kreklau As a business banking specialist at Wells Fargo Bank, Rafael Kreklau helps people invest in the future. And he began building his future when he enrolled at a Dallas County Community College. The first in his family to attend college, Rafael earned scholarships that helped him finance not only his associate degree but also finish his four-year degree from Texas Christian University. “My DCCCD mentors helped me mature and develop leadership skills that I put to work every day in my banking career,” he says. For Rafael, it all began here.
commercial screenshot Raúl Magdaleno
en Español
Raúl Magdaleno — sus méritos son haber recibido la medalla de oro del Congreso de los Estados Unidos y el galardón Presidencial al Estudiante por Servicio Social. Obtuvo un diplomado en DCCCD y una licenciatura en SMU. Raúl ha sabido balancear escuela, trabajo y servicio social con una sonrisa; su sueño es ayudar a su comunidad. Asegura que “El arma para vencer la pobreza es la educación.” Para Raúl, todo comenzó aquí.
commercial screenshot Carrie Sacky Registered pharmacist Carrie Sacky’s job is all about helping people live healthier lives. Carrie began working at a local pharmacy when she was 15, continued the job through high school and then enrolled at a Dallas County Community College to pursue her associate degree. She earned a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy from the University of Houston, but she credits her community college experience with launching the career she loves. “After community college, I had the confidence to attend school away from home and pursue the career I always wanted.” For Carrie, it all began here.
commercial screenshot Jaime Santillán
en Español
Jaime Santillán está orgulloso de ser primero. El primero en su familia en graduarse de preparatoria y el primero en ir a la universidad. “Mi mamá, sólo fue a la primaria, pero siempre me dijo que la educación me abriría las puertas al éxito.” El obtuvo un diplomado en DCCCD y una licenciatura en UNT. Hoy, Jaime es un agente financiero exitoso y aconseja a la gente para que también sean primero. Para Jaime todo comenzó aquí.
commercial screenshot Steve Westphal Steve Westphal doesn’t believe in wasting time. The former Army humvee mechanic started Automotive Technology classes at a Dallas County Community College while he was home on leave. And he began working full-time before he finished his education. Today, he supervises more than 100 technicians and — because of his education — knows the real nuts and bolts of auto repair. Steve’s knowledge helped his dealership win the coveted Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in 2005. “At community college, I received more than specialized training; I got an education and discovered my potential,” he says. For Steve, it all began here.
Print and Billboard Ads
Print ads in English (PDF - 690KB) Featuring Dunia Borga, Kathalene Harris, Steve Westphal, Carrie Sacky, Rafael Kreklau, Tommy Alsbrooks, Jaime Santillán, Raúl Magdaleno

Print ads en Español

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Featuring Dunia Borga, Rafael Kreklau, Jaime Santillán, Raúl Magdaleno

Billboards (PDF - 1MB) Featuring Dunia Borga, Raúl Magdaleno, Kathalene Harris, Jaime Santillán, Rafael Kreklau, Tommy Alsbrooks, Steve Westphal, Carrie Sacky
Radio Ads
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Radio Commercials in English
Dunia Borga :30
Kathalene Harris :60
Nathan Higgins :60
Rafael Kreklau :30
Carrie Sacky :30 and :60
Chris Sommers :30 and :60
Radio Commercials en Español
Dunia Borga :60
Rafael Kreklau :60
Raúl Magdaleno :60
Jaime Santillán :60