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Students: Apply Now for These Scholarships - May 2012


Could you use extra money to pay for books and tuition next semester? Earning a DCCCD scholarship would certainly help. Scholarships, unlike loans, are a gift you don’t have to pay back.

Here are three of our many DCCCD scholarships. The deadline to apply for these scholarships is June 1. So get your application started now:

  • To be eligible for the Minnie K. Patton Scholarship, you must demonstrate a capacity and desire for education, as well as a need for financial assistance. The amount of the scholarship varies.

  • You may qualify for the Mesquite Host Lions Club Scholarship if you are enrolled in at least six credit hours of a DCCCD certificate program and earned a diploma or GED from a public or private Christian high school in Mesquite. You’ll need to demonstrate scholastic ability and financial need. It pays $400 per semester.

  • You should consider applying for the Baylor Senior Life Enrichment Scholarship Program if you are an El Centro College health careers student who graduated from James Madison High School or the School of Health Professions at the Yvonne A. Ewell Townview Center. The scholarship awards up to $1,000. It requires 50 hours of community service at the Baylor Senior Health Center at Fair Park, valuable experience for prospective health care workers.

DCCCD offers many other scholarships as well. You can download the application form (PDF – 99KB) online.

For complete information on these and other DCCCD scholarships, email DCCCD Foundation Scholarship Manager Ella Shaw or call her at 214-378-1533 or 214-378-1531.