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DCCCD Foundation and Hunt Consolidated Will Present Fabien Cousteau - April 2012

photo of Fabien Cousteau

For immediate release — March 28, 2012

Editor’s note: Both of Fabien Cousteau’s presentations mentioned below are by-invitation-only events; the general public is not invited. However, Cousteau will be available on site for media interviews from 6 to 6:30 p.m. in the Orinoco Room at the Dallas World Aquarium on Thursday, April 12, prior to his speaking engagement.

(DALLAS) — A third-generation ocean explorer who grew up on the salt-stained decks of his grandfather’s ships, Fabien Cousteau inherited an unwavering passion for the wonder, beauty and importance of the ocean and its inhabitants from his famous family at an early age.

He will share his maritime experiences, as well as his endeavors as an environmental activist, with high-achieving science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) students from the Dallas County Community College District when he visits Dallas on April 12 and 13.

Cousteau, the grandson of legendary ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau, will speak to students involved with the DCCCD Community College STEM Scholars and Fellows Institute and other invited guests at the Dallas World Aquarium on Thursday, April 12, and at Brookhaven College on Friday, April 13.

Both of Cousteau’s presentations are sponsored by the Dallas County Community College District Foundation and Hunt Consolidated Inc.

“The STEM Scholars and Fellows Institute has students who are among the best and brightest in North Texas,” said Betheny Reid, DCCCD Foundation president. “Part of their capstone experience in this program is to engage in meaningful discussions with prominent experts like Fabian Cousteau in STEM fields. We would like to thank Hunter Hunt [president and CEO of Hunt Consolidated Inc. and chair-elect of the DCCCD Foundation] and his wife, Stephanie, for their generous support and for making Cousteau’s visit to Dallas possible.”

“Hunt is committed to the environment and to the communities we serve,” Hunter Hunt said. “We are constantly exploring new approaches that not only help develop our natural resources but also make this world healthier, more sustainable and more livable in the future. Fabien Cousteau, like his father and grandfather, has been a staunch advocate of preserving our natural environment and its inhabitants. I anticipate that he will inspire our future scientists, engineers, technicians and teachers in the STEM Institute to pursue this endeavor.”

Having traveled on numerous sea excursions on Calypso and Alcyone (his grandfather’s famous ships) during his youth, Cousteau continued his voyages with his father, Jean-Michel, and Deep Ocean Odyssey as the third generation to carry on the tradition of adventure and exploration in the deep ocean.

In 2006, Cousteau partnered with his father and sister, Celine, to complete a three-year documentary series for PBS called Ocean Adventures.” Their experiences took them to see the Grey whale migration off of the Americas’ west coast and coral spawning in the Caribbean; diving with squadrons of giant groupers; and exploring ghost ships of the Great Lakes. Exotic locations such as the Amazon, Somoa, Christmas Island, Papau New Guinea, the Arctic and other natural wonders also were featured in the program.

Cousteau’s vast experience in ocean exploration, coupled with a degree in environmental economics from Boston University, has made him an advocate for reforming public policy through innovative ideas that help preserve marine life. For instance, he believes the so-called eco-tourism industry can be a huge boon to local economies and can guide countries to work toward the protection of endangered species and key locations because of their popularity with tourists and visitors.

Recently, Cousteau launched the Plant A Fish initiative, a nonprofit, hands-on outdoor education and restoration experience. The initiative’s core mission is to help restore marine ecosystems by engaging local communities through timeless principles of local ecology and then applying these principles to encourage stewardship and restoration efforts of the marine environment. PAF’s ultimate goal is to have participants plant one billion “fish” worldwide.

Cousteau has appeared on the “The Oprah Winfrey Show and is a regular guest/contributor on NBC’s Today Show.” He also is the editor-in-chief of the Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Ocean (released in February 2011) and currently is working on a children’s book trilogy.

Fabien Cousteau bio (PDF - 108KB)

DCCCD STEM Scholars and Fellows Institute fact sheet (PDF - 164KB)

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