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Students: Looking for Your 1098-T Income Tax Form? - February 2012


If you’d like to use your 1098-T form as you fill out your income taxes, there are three ways to get it.

  • By mail: For 2011, DCCCD will send all eligible students a copy of their 1098-T form in the mail.

  • Online: You can also access your 1098-T online. Note that DCCCD has a new service provider, ECSI, for the 2011 forms.

    To view your 1098-T form online, you must have a personal identification number (PIN). There are three ways to get your PIN:

    • The PIN and website information is included on your 1098-T form that you will get in the mail. -or-

    • Log on to the ECSI website. Click on “Need help logging in?” in the “Log In to Access Your Account” box, then fill in and submit the form. -or-

    • Contact ECSI customer service, toll free, at 866-428-1098.

      When you contact ECSI, you will be asked for your Social Security number and DCCCD’s school code. Our school code is “UG.”

      Visit the ECSI website for more information.

  • By request: Some students are not automatically issued a 1098-T. However, any student may request one.

    If you can’t get your 1098-T form online through ECSI, there are two ways to request it directly from the district.

    Note: In your request, you must provide your name as it appears in our records, your student ID number and a phone number where you can be reached.

    • Send an email to -or-

    • Call the district’s 1098-T number: 972-860-7482. This is a voicemail-only line that will be checked daily.

    Important: The deadline to request a 1098-T is March 16, 2012.

See our Income Tax Credits page or 1098-T FAQs for more detailed information.