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No Brag, Just Fact: It All Begins Here (at DCCCD)


Show; don’t tell.

That’s what DCCCD’s expanded and enhanced advertising campaign for 2006 does – shining the spotlight on successful graduates (lots of them!) who share their stories, their accomplishments and their pride in the Dallas County Community College District.

Last year’s theme – “It All Begins Here” – continues where it left off … as a testimonial statement repeated by our alumni through television and radio spots, as well as print advertising and billboards. We are proud of our graduates, who have become successful technicians, health care professionals, attorneys, financial experts, managers, corporate executives, teachers and more. 

While our 2005 advertising efforts focused on informing the general public about the quality of our faculty (as well as our graduates), the previous image campaign has expanded this year to serve as both a recruitment tool and as an album of stories that our students are sharing to encourage others to go to school, too.  For each of the graduates portrayed in our ads (who, in turn, are surrounded by other alumni), their careers and their professional success “all began here … at a Dallas Community College!”

As a matter of fact, DCCCD’s advertising agency, Dallas-based Verve Communications, is the brainchild of Eastfield College graduate Terry Loftis, who (with his staff) collaborated on the current ad campaign. More Eastfield College talent adds to the fun: Maria Caratini-Prado, whose specialty is languages, is the announcer’s voice for the Spanish television and radio commercials.

Look for our TV and radio spots on popular stations throughout the metroplex. You will recognize the faces of DCCCD graduates from those ads as you pass billboards along major interstates and highways in Dallas County and on the pages of daily and weekly newspapers. 

Our goal is to share those success stories and prompt others – yes, that means you! – to enroll at one of our seven colleges. DCCCD: “It all begins here!”

Share Your Story

Are you a DCCCD graduate who wants to share your story with us? E-mail Kathy Cook or call us at 214-860-2135 and ask for Kathy.

That’s right! “It all begins here” at DCCCD: Brookhaven, Cedar Valley, Eastfield, El Centro, Mountain View, North Lake and Richland colleges. See you soon!