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2006 African-American Read-In: Program


Highlights of the DCCCD 2006 African-American Read-In program include special guest readers Avery Brooks and Johnny Wimbrey, plus an original play written and directed by local artists. 

“A Prince Came Out of Egypt: A Tribute to Ossie Davis” was written by Dallas-based writer Anyika McMillan-Herrod and director Monique Ridge-Williams. The production not only celebrates the life and legacy of the late actor and activist but also those individuals he represented through his work: fathers, husbands, writers, artists and humanitarians. Filled with music, poetry and writings by Davis, Ruby Dee, Julius Lester, Ernest Gaines and others, “A Prince Came Out of Egypt” will feature many area artists as well as a number of additional readers.

Through the timeline of his life and an ensemble of actors, musicians and dancers, the production is ultimately a beautiful exploration of the 20th-century black experience.

Readers and performers include:

  • Dallas Black Dance Theatre
  • Len Barnett/Percussion Things
  • Cindy Horstman
  • Ayubu Kamau Sacred African Drum and Dance Society
  • Gospel Harmoneers
  • Toni Scott
  • Brent Nance
  • Audrey McClure
  • Tisha Crear
  • Alesia Speeds
  • Catherine Whiteman
  • Pamela Angeles
  • Shonda Paris
  • Cynthia Dorn Navarette/New Arts Six
  • Sherna Armstrong
  • Stacey Martin
  • Joseph Jammer
  • Jessica Williams
  • Monica Kelly
  • Katina Cobbins
  • Richmond Punch and more!