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Weekend Memos From the Chancellor

image of fountain pen and "success"

Each week, former Chancellor Wright Lassiter Jr. sent a “Weekend Memo” to all DCCCD employees. His brief but powerful commentaries informed and inspired and gave the district community a chance to get to know their CEO a little better. In addition, the Weekend Memos featured news from each district location.

Below are some of the later Weekend Memos. Looking for an older Memo? See our archives.

February 2014

WEM #360: Leadership Reflections — Part Two (PDF - 373KB)

January 2014

WEM #359: Leadership Reflections — Part One (PDF - 348KB)

WEM #358: If You Want to Lead, First Learn to Speak (PDF - 241KB)

WEM #357: Not So Subtle Reminders (PDF - 250KB)

WEM #356: Seven Keys to Adjusting to a New Boss (PDF - 329KB)

December 2013

WEM #355: To Achieve Your Dreams, Remember Your ABC’s (PDF - 240KB)

WEM #354: The Game Changers (PDF - 359KB)

WEM #353: Reflections on Working Together (PDF - 221KB)

November 2013

WEM #352: Continue to Seek Collaboration (PDF - 270 KB)

WEM #351: Developmental Education Remarks — 5th Annual Developmental Education Summit (PDF - 250KB)

WEM #350: The Five Practices and Ten Commitments of Exemplary Leadership (PDF - 350KB) 

WEM #349: A Prayer for Later Years (PDF - 418KB)

October 2013

WEM #348: The College President of the Future: Reflections After Three-Plus Decades of CEO Service (PDF - 248KB)

WEM #347: Quotes From the Leadership Box (PDF - 333KB)

WEM #346: Leadership in Action (PDF - 374KB)

WEM #345: Ode to a Volunteer (PDF - 334KB)

September 2013

WEM #344: DCCCD 2013 Common Customer Service Book (PDF - 248KB)

WEM #343: Little Known Facts About Frederick Douglass (PDF - 357KB)

WEM #342: Lessons From a Successful Life (PDF - 375KB)

WEM #341: Nelson Mandela’s Eight Lessons of Leadership (PDF - 229KB)

August 2013

WEM #340: Red Tail — Keeping History Alive (PDF - 341KB)

WEM #339: Looking to the Future (PDF - 468KB)

WEM #338: What Inspires You (PDF - 399KB)

WEM #337: Collaboration — Signs to Pay Attention To (PDF - 449KB)

WEM #336: Collaboration — Background and Benefits (PDF - 339KB)

July 2013

WEM #335: The Change Cycle (PDF - 342KB)

WEM #334: Is Your Team Happy? (PDF - 257KB)

WEM #333: Motivation (PDF - 360KB)

June 2013

WEM #332: The Change Imperative (PDF - 444KB)

WEM #331: Reclaiming the American Dream: Community Colleges and the Nation’s Future, Executive Summary (PDF - 247KB)

WEM #330: Texas Completes Executive Summary (PDF - 282KB)

WEM #329: Sunday Dinner — Saturday Preparations: A Black History Moment (PDF - 215KB)

May 2013

WEM #328: Leadership Courage (PDF - 227KB)

WEM #327: Leadership is About the People for Whom We Are Responsible (PDF - 261KB)

WEM #326: Ten Skills for the Future Workforce (PDF - 237KB)

WEM #325: Seven Strategic Ways to Enrich Learning (PDF - 243KB)

WEM #324: The Nine Faces of Leadership (PDF - 318KB)

April 2013

WEM #323: Four Ways That Employees Manipulate Bosses (PDF - 328KB)

WEM #322: Thoughts on How to Achieve Peak Productivity (PDF - 252KB)

WEM #321: Fifteen Social Media Tips From Dr. Seuss (PDF - 254KB)

WEM #320: George Washington Carver — His Life in Brief (PDF - 254KB)

March 2013

WEM #319: Seven Strategic Ways to Enrich Learning (PDF - 234KB)

WEM #318: My Advice (PDF - 253KB)

WEM #317: Gossip — The History of a Lie (PDF - 276KB)

February 2013

WEM #316: African-American Expressions (PDF - 171KB)

WEM #315: Leadership is a Relationship - Part Two (PDF - 241KB)

WEM #314: Leadership is a Relationship (PDF - 236KB)

WEM #313: 2013 — The Year of Leadership (PDF - 310KB)

January 2013

WEM #312: Lessons From the Tuskegee Airmen (PDF – 244KB)

WEM #311: I Am Your Master (PDF – 161KB)

WEM #310: Parent’s Prayer and Twenty-Four More Lessons for Life (PDF – 174KB)