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About Our Ombudsman

photo of Bettie Tully

Dr. Bettie Tully is a conflict resolution specialist and a member of the El Centro College counseling faculty. As the Chancellor’s Staff Ombudsman, her purpose is to resolve problems or disputes by being objective and understanding, and providing observations, information, advice and mediation, as needed.

The Ombudsman Process

Any student, faculty or staff of DCCCD or any member of the community who wants to discuss a complaint or concern with the chancellor will be directed to Dr. Tully. Interactions are informal; she is there to talk with the concerned party and offer problem-solving assistance.

Here’s how the process works:

    1. Dr. Tully will inform the location president of the complaint or concern. The location president will assign a representative who will work with Dr. Tully to make sure protocols are followed.
    2. She will work with the concerned party to make sure she has a good understanding of the complaint or concern.
    3. She and the location representative will look into the issue to determine the options available to address the concern.
    4. She may choose to work with the location representative, and together they may decide to search for information that might help them determine the status and merit of the complaint or concern.
    5. If action is needed, she will consult with the college president, who will make a final decision.
    6. She will report the result of the complaint or concern to the chancellor without revealing confidential information.

Bettie Tully can be contacted at 214-860-2105 or