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United We Serve Registration Information


Registration for Students

Student registration is closed.

Registration for Employees

Employees will register through eConnect. Please follow the instructions below to register. You do not need course numbers.

    1. Log on to eConnect as an employee and choose “Register for Staff Enrichment.” (Note: There is another similar option that says “Find Courses.” You cannot register using this option.)
    2. Select term and location from the drop-down menus. (For example: term: 2013SP and location: 010-District Office). Then click “Submit.”
    3. Select the agency you will be volunteering with by checking the box next to the agency name, and click “Submit.”
    4. You should then see a registration confirmation page that confirms your course registration.
    5. You will be contacted by a member of the United We Serve team before the day of the event.