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United We Serve Frequently Asked Questions

When is United We Serve?
Friday, Feb. 22, 2013
Students: Does this mean I don't have to go to class?
Yes. Afternoon classes will not be held Friday, Feb. 22, 2013.
Employees: Can I choose to work on this day?
Yes. The campuses will be open for employees. Please notify your supervisor.
Who can participate?
We invite all DCCCD students, employees and staff to participate this year.
How do I register?
Registration is different for students and employees. Find out how to register.
Where can I volunteer?
Each year we partner with several agencies to provide as many service projects as possible. We will provide a list of agencies soon. If you are an employee and would like to volunteer at a different location, please check with your supervisor. If you choose not to volunteer or work on that day, you must submit a leave form to your supervisor.
May I volunteer at an agency other than the DCCCD approved agencies?
Yes, however, employees will need to take a vacation day or extenuating circumstances leave, providing you have leave available, if you choose this option.
Why can’t I volunteer at my own agency?
We have worked hard to collect a number of quality projects for our students and employees to participate in. The DCCCD approved agencies have been vetted and selected based on the projects and activities they have planned for the day. We understand that many employees already volunteer elsewhere in their community. If you choose to volunteer elsewhere, you will need to submit a leave form to your supervisor.
How were these agencies selected?
Agencies who participated in previous Days of Service were asked to submit a project application during the fall semester. Agencies were vetted by the director of student and community engagement and selected based on the magnitude of the project, location of the project, timeliness of the project (can it be completed in one day), and agency response to the project. Unfortunately, we can not add agencies to this list at this time. If you would like us to consider an agency for next year’s Day of Service, please contact Mary Norman at or 214-478-1128.
How many hours of service must I complete?
Required hours will depend on the needs of the agency. Agency hours vary and this could mean you complete two, three or six hours depending on the agency.
Will I be required to sign in?

Yes. Each DCCCD approved agency location will have a sign-in sheet for employees to complete. You will not receive professional development credit if you do not sign in.
Will I need to complete a waiver?
Employees will not need to fill out a waiver, but students will. Students need to fill out the waiver form for adults (if you are 18 or older) or the waiver form for minors (if you are younger than 18) and turn the form in to Mary Norman or bring the form with you when you volunteer. Some agencies will require additional paper work for you to complete on the day of the event.
Students: What if my student club or group would like to volunteer somewhere else?
Great! Contact Mary Norman at or 214-378-1758.
Students: Can I receive Service Learning credit for participating in United We Serve?
Check with your college Service Learning Coordinator for more information.
What if the weather is bad?
We will follow district policies in case of inclement weather. You will be contacted should a cancellation occur.
Employees: Will I receive professional development credit for participation?
Employees will receive professional development credit if they register via eConnect with an approved agency or participate in a campus-based activity. We understand that many employees already volunteer elsewhere in their community. If you choose to volunteer elsewhere, you will need to submit a leave form to your supervisor.
Employees: Can I take the day off?
You must check with your supervisor first.

Who should I talk to if I need a special accommodation due to health and/or transportation considerations?

Please contact Mary Norman at or 214-378-1758 to discuss your situation and possible solutions.

Contact Mary Norman, director of student and community engagement, at or 214-378-1758.