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Best Practices

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Customer service best practices (PDF - 497KB) were developed by the Customer Service Leadership Team and have been adopted by the Chancellor's Staff. They serve as the minimum, common-base standards for the following:

How Do Best Practices Differ From Policies and Procedures?

The Customer Service Leadership Team's Best Practices are common-base standards that enable DCCCD and the Customer Service Leadership team to develop districtwide customer service training and assessment tools.

These best practices are recommendations and guidelines. They are not policies or procedures. Colleges may choose to amend the districtwide best practices as needed. However, because of the extensive input we got from the colleges, we are hopeful that few location-specific changes will be needed.


DCCCD's Customer Service Best Practices reflect the input of hundreds of DCCCD employees who are dedicated to improving student success through improved customer service.

The initial set of Customer Service Best Practices (Dos and Don'ts, Face-to-Face, Interactive Voice Response, Online Chat, Problem Resolutions Process and Telephone) were developed using feedback from stakeholder meetings that were conducted at each location in the district and through meetings with appropriate councils. Read the drafts.

When new best practice topics are needed, the Customer Service Leadership Team (or a designated Council) drafts the document, then solicits employee feedback through key stakeholder meetings. After the draft is approved by the appropriate Council and/or the Customer Service Leadership Team, it is forwarded to the Chancellor's Staff for final review and approval.


Future Updates and Additions

DCCCD’s Customer Service Leadership Best Practices will be reviewed annually by the Customer Service Leadership team to determine if changes or additions are needed. The team plans to work with appropriate councils to develop additional best practices for the following areas:

  • Customer Service Training (Organizational Development Council
  • Identity Verification (Information Privacy and Security Program)
  • Instruction (Faculty Council)

Team Discussion Guides

Discussion Guides for supervisors to use during their team meetings.