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DCCCD Sustainability Team

DCCCDGreen Team illustration

Sustainability is not a destination; it is a journey, and we have just begun.

The members of DCCCD Sustainability team are employees who are passionate about and committed to helping the colleges of DCCCD progress on their journey toward sustainability. To learn more about what we do and how you can become a part of it, contact the co-chairs:

Georgeann Moss at 214-378-1823 or or
Lori De La Cruz at  214-860-8564 or 

Read the DCCCD Sustainability Team’s charter (PDF - 53KB).
See the colleges' accomplishments​.


The colleges of DCCCD are environmental leaders in our communities – teaching, learning and supporting sustainability.


Through mindful education and action, we advocate the wise use of natural, financial and human resources to students, community members, DCCCD leadership and employees. We seek and act upon opportunities within our circles of influence to advance the colleges and their communities on the journey toward global sustainability. We encourage everyone to take action in their personal lives to adopt a sustainable lifestyle.

Strategic Goals

  1. Conserve energy and resources
  2. Minimize and divert waste
  3. Educate our students and employees about sustainability
  4. Engage the local, regional, and national community on sustainability efforts 

Strategic Goal 1:  Conserve energy and resources

    1. Assist Purchasing Department in more commodity contracts as they expire (furniture contract).                                                      
    2. Discuss implementation of automatic (mandatory) shutdown of computers and select electronic devices at the end of the business day, etc. (For example, create a report on which colleges are doing this and in what areas.)
    3. Continue partnership with district Facilities Management in assisting each campus with meeting energy goals of reduction of energy consumption and discuss the ‘low hanging fruit’ tactics for saving energy dollars.
    4. Continue encouraging our respective campuses to turn off lighting when not in as well as some hallways during working hours.

Strategic Goal 2:  Minimize and divert waste

    1. Continue to work with Receiving, Purchasing, Information Technology, Risk Management, Auxiliary Services and Information and Privacy Security Departments to create ability for the district to dispose of used equipment in an environmentally responsible manner.
    2. Develop a best practice to measure/track recycling and waste minimization efforts consistently and accurately at each facility. (Should be based on RecycleMania guidelines.)

Strategic Goal 3: Educate our students and employees about sustainability

    1. Share best practices and continue brainstorming among campuses.
    2. Increase the number of courses that teach sustainability theory and principles.
    3. Continue to develop Sustainability Team “On the Street” video interviews with various district staff members to market the district’s sustainability involvement on their campuses.                                                                                                
    4. Regularly update the Sustainability Team website to reflect recent newsworthy campus information, awards, events and meeting minutes.

Strategic Goal 4: Engage the local, regional and national community in sustainability efforts

    1. Sponsor annual sustainability summit to reach community.
    2. Attend and conduct presentations at local, regional and national conferences.
    3. Finalize plans with DART to initiate a viable transportation incentive for students and staff  so they utilize public transportation to class and work at their respective colleges and locations.                                                               
    4. Continue to prepare campus greenhouse gas inventories and climate action plans for participation in ACUPCC.  

Learn more about sustainability initiatives at the colleges of DCCCD.