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Communications Management Team

The Communications Management Team manages official districtwide communications from the colleges of DCCCD to students that are distributed through the Datatel Colleague Communications Management module. The team was born in 2000, when the college presidents nominated members to explore the capabilities of the communications module.

The council is authorized by the executive vice chancellor and chief of staff.

It meets the third Friday of the month at the colleges; the location rotates alphabetically by college name.

Communications Management Process

The Colleague Communications Management (CM) module is used to distribute student success/services email messages to students. The CM Team or its designees* send out districtwide CM email blasts. Teams at each location oversee location-specific email blasts. The CM Team must approve all districtwide CM email blasts before they are distributed.

* Designees might include the Business Office, Financial Aid Office or Human Resources.

How to Initiate a Communications Management Email Blast

  1. Take a look at the Communications Management Pre-writing Worksheet (Word - 37KB).
  2. Draft the content of the message.
  3. Send the Communications Management Email Blast request to the chair of the Communications Management Team, Elisa Garcia, or to vice chair Clay Stephens via the online Communications Management Request Form.
  4. The chair will ask the team members to review your request within three working days to determine whether or not the message meets the Communications Management requirements (see Email Blast Checklist) and whether it should be sent by the district or by the college’s superusers.
  5. The team will review/approve the text before distributing it. If the text is edited by the CM Team, the edited text will be returned to you for final approval before being distributed.

Note: In emergency situations, the Communications Management Team chair or his/her designee has the authority to make decisions.

Before you request an email blast, learn:

 For more information: