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Communications Management Team Procedures

    1. All districtwide email blast requests go to the Communications Management (CM) Team chair via the online form. (Note: College-specific email blasts are submitted to the colleges’ CM teams for review/approval.)
    2. The District CM Team chair reviews the email content to determine if it meets the guidelines for distribution via Datatel’s Communications Management module. If yes, the chair distributes the proposed content of the blast to the CM Team via email for review/approval. If no, the chair offers suggestions for alternate distribution methods. (Note: The chair also may choose to poll the CM Team to get its opinion as to whether a proposed blast is eligible for distribution via CM.)
    3. If a majority (four) of the colleges agree, the message is approved for districtwide distribution by DSC-IT. (Occasionally, when special circumstances warrant it, a college may choose to opt out of or delay the distribution of a districtwide communication. But in general, when the CM Team believes a message should be sent to all students districtwide, colleges are strongly encouraged to participate in the districtwide blast.)
    4. A writer/editor from the Public and Governmental Affairs division edits the revised and approved message for spelling, grammar, DCCCD style and readability.
    5. The chair (or the chair’s designee) sends the final version of the edited message and distribution instructions to DSC-IT for distribution.
    6. DSC-IT distributes the message.

Review/approval process takes approximately four days.