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Email Blast Checklists


Does your email meet one or more of the email blast requirements below?

For Requestor:

  • Would the project require or benefit from tracking the communication?
  • Is the communication mandated by the state or by other governing agencies?
  • Does the project assist the district or college with strategic planning?
  • Can the project be implemented districtwide?
  • Is there an obvious benefit to student success?
  • Does the communication adhere to the FERPA policy?
  • Does the email blast include a contact person to whom students can reply (highly recommended)?

For Communications Management Team:

  • What are the follow-up requirements?
  • Does the email need to be sent more than once or on a regular schedule?
  • Is Communications Management the best mode of communication?

For Distributor of Email:

  • What person or group is the content owner of the text?
  • Who is the Author of the email blast? (The Author is the person who receives notification from Colleague regarding valid and invalid email addresses.)
  • Does the person responsible for processing the email blast using the PCB-Process Correspondence Batch screen have the same office code as assigned to the email blast?