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Take Retention Alert (JTS) Training


Learn how to use Datatel's Retention Alert module to refer students to DCCCD's Journey To Success program. Enroll in your location’s Retention Alert community:

    • Go to
    • Log in
    • Click on the Community tab
    • Select Browse Organization Catalog on the left side of the page.
    • When you get the browse options, select Name, Contains, and type in retention.
    • Click Go. This should show you all the retention alert organizations.
    • Search for your location’s community 

        • BHC-Brookhaven-Retention-Alert 
        • CVC-Cedar Valley-Retention-Alert
        • EFC-Eastfield-Retention-Alert
        • ECC-El-Centro-Retention-Alert
        • LCET-LeCroy-Retention-Alert
        • MVC-Mountain-View-Retention-Alert
        • NLC-North-Lake-Retention-Alert
        • RLC-Richland-Retention-Alert
    • Enroll yourself in the organization for your campus by clicking the arrow under the name of the organization.
    • Once on this screen, click Submit and follow the instructions.

    Each of the Retention Alert communities will have the following menu structure:

      • Start Here
      • Faculty Training
      • Success Coach Training
      • Retention Coordinator Training
      • FERPA Review

    Select the appropriate module and begin your training!

    You're almost done!

    After you have completed the training, verify your completion by contacting your college Journey to Success Coordinator, which will also award you with Staff Enrichment Units (SEUs).