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Library Directors Council

The Library Directors Council provides leadership and guidance in all issues common to the DCCCD libraries. The council strives constantly to improve the libraries through fostering of standardized services and economic acquisition of materials and services to support information literacy.

The council’s purpose includes:

  • Recommending policies or changes to existing policies directly related to the acquisition, access, circulation and security of print and on-print resources.
  • Identifying and implementing processes and procedures to access and share resources across the district campuses.
  • Collaborating with instructional and student service areas to develop appropriate resource collections to promote student success.
  • Fostering an exchange of knowledge about structuring learning outcomes and current best practices in assessment for both instructional and non-instructional service areas.

The council comprises the library director from each college and the district director of Educational Resources Support Services. The Vice Presidents Council is the organizational sponsor.

Meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month from 9 a.m. until noon. Location varies.

See full details about the Library Directors Council’s purpose by reading its charter (PDF – 126KB).