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The Chancellor's Staff


The Chancellor’s Staff is the senior level decision-making body within the Dallas County Community College District, chaired by the chancellor. Members include location presidents and CEOs, as well as other staff members who report directly to the chancellor. 

The Chancellor’s Staff regularly considers policies, procedures and practices affecting all DCCCD employees. This body provides the last level of review on policy recommendations made through the chancellor to the Board of Trustees. The source of such agenda items varies from legal counsel, individual members of the group and related approved councils.

The Chancellor’s Staff provides input into the board’s strategic agenda; reviews and discusses federal, state and local governmental and economic impacts on higher education in general, and the DCCCD specifically; and regularly engages in strategy sessions to address budgetary, organizational and instructional challenges.

The Chancellor’s Staff may identify task forces as needed, assigning a liaison from the body to act as a sponsor for the group. The same is true of councils and work groups.

The group meets on a monthly basis, with a formal agenda and notes. In addition, this group is a part of the Chancellor’s Advisory Group that meets on a quarterly basis.