State and National Business Officer Organizations

Active VPB Participant Organization Date and Place of Annual Meetings Organization's Purpose
David Browning, Steve Ledford NACCU
March 29-April 1
San Diego, CA
Serves as a forum for the exchange of ideas and information between developers, integrators and end users in order to encourage continued technological developments, research and new uses in card systems technology in educational administration.
Bob Brown, Robb Dean, Kim Green SACUBO
April 9-11
Asheville, NC
Provides training for mid-level to senior business managers. Helps individuals become familiar with the budgeting process at institutions of higher education and its application at various levels in the organization.
David Browning, Ron Clark, Steve Ledford, Christa Slejko NACAS
November 13-16
San Antonio, TX
Believes strongly in creating opportunities for institutional and associate members to come together to share new ideas, technologies and approaches that will enhance their effectiveness on campus, and move the profession forward in the years to come. Focuses on practical solutions.
Bob Brown, David Browning, Sharon Davis NACUBO
July 9-12
Baltimore, MD
Promotes sound management and financial practices at colleges and universities. Provide national leadership on accounting practice/policy. Provides significant professional development opportunities
Steve Ledford SCTM
September 25-28
Dana Point, CA
Society for Collegiate Travel Managament
Ron Clark NACUF   Provides members with a full-range of educational programs, publications, management services, and networking opportunities.
Bob Brown, David Browning, Ron Clark, Kim Green, Jim Jones CCBO
November 5-8
New Orleans, LA
Promote training and professional development of those involved in community college business management.
Bob Brown, Robb Dean, Kim Green TACCBO
June 20-24
Dallas, TX
To contribute to the advancement of education beyond the high school in its fullest and broadest implications and specifically to the professional advancement of the office or offices of business and fiscal affairs which exist in community colleges in Texas.

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