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Reclassification - Faculty Advancement

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Faculty Advancement - Reclassification
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Full-time Faculty
District Human Resources
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DEA (local)
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Faculty members may advance within the salary schedule in accordance with district policies. A faculty member who completes two consecutive one-semester-only contracts is eligible for an increase equivalent to other faculty members. All reclassification shall be made by the board, on recommendation of the chancellor.





A faculty member shall:

  • Submit academic credit for advancement to the dean/division chairman, who, after approval, forwards it to the vice president of instruction for approval.
  • Submit professional experience activities to the dean/division chairman, who forwards the request to the college professional experience committee, which includes the vice president of instruction (chairman), one tech/occ faculty, one academic faculty, one Learning Resource Center faculty (or one counselor) and one division chairman, for its approval and submission to the college president.

A college president or designee shall: 

  • Evaluate activities contributing to professional growth and equate such activities in terms of credit hours. 
  • Approve, in advance, lower division courses taken to fulfill professional growth requirements.
  • Approve, in advance, professional growth activities undertaken during employment by the district and after the receipt of a master's degree or its equivalent and offered for placement in Class FB and FC of the Faculty Salary Schedule.

Approved work that leads to horizontal advancement on the salary schedule must be undertaken outside the normal working hours of the district. Normal working hours means weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. If an instructor is assigned duties as part of his or her contractual obligations that vary the normal working hours, special arrangements for the performance of the approved work may be authorized by the college.

For advancement to the next range, official transcripts are due to the location human resources office no later than Sept. 1 and are to be submitted to the October board meeting for a Sept. 1 approval date.

With the movement to the next faculty salary range, $2,000 will be added to the base annual salary according to the salary mechanics and adjustment process.

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