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Substance Abuse Counseling

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Are you a good listener who wants to help people in crisis? Does personal experience motivate you to understand and help change addictive behavior?

Consider the related programs of Substance Abuse Counseling and Social Work, both offered with a variety of degree and certificate options for college credit at Eastfield College.

Substance Abuse Counseling at a Glance

Looking for a quick overview of the Substance Abuse Counseling program? Take a look at Substance Abuse Counseling at a Glance for a short summary of what a licensed chemical dependency counselor (LCDC) does and the degrees and certificates offered in Eastfield’s program.

Our Programs

Our programs give you the qualifications to begin social services-related jobs or concentrate on a specific certification as well as a solid academic background for a bachelor’s degree and beyond.

See “Student Success Stories” of alumni who have earned bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees after transferring from Eastfield College.

Get started today in Substance Abuse Counseling!

Substance Abuse Counseling and Social Work

Careers in social services are challenging but incredibly rewarding. Our dual program emphasis in Substance Abuse Counseling and Social Work ensures that you’ll learn not only the psychology of your future career but also the relational skills that will give you an edge in the workplace. See more on careers in fields related to Social Work and Substance Abuse Counseling.

Time and time again, our graduates comment that the education they received in our programs rivals that of bachelor’s and master’s programs to which they transferred. That’s the kind of professional testimony that has given Eastfield’s Substance Abuse Counseling and Social Work programs an excellent reputation locally and nationally. 

Since the skills sets of both programs are closely related, Substance Abuse Counseling and Social Work have integral class components and with many of the same faculty members. Please see an academic advisor to help you decide on the career path and emphasis programs that will best fit your goals.

Substance Abuse Counseling Degree and Certificate Options

Eastfield College

Find out more about degrees and certificates in Social Work and Substance Abuse Counseling.