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About Las Llaves

Photo of students in a Llaves breakout session

What Is Las Llaves?

“Las Llaves del Éxito” (“The Keys to Success”) is a special program offered by the Dallas County Community College District that consists of two one-day events held each year. The program is designed to give students and their parents the key to their success: information about how to navigate the system so they can attend a college or university.

Both events are free and open to the public.

Who Should Attend?

Fall Las Llaves: Students in grades six through 12 and their parents

Spring Las Llaves: High school juniors and seniors and their parents

Approximately 1,000 participants usually attend each event!

Why Should I Attend?

Each Las Llaves event features information sessions in English and Spanish, including special parent workshops, about topics including:

  • planning for college
  • paying for college/financial aid
  • applying for college
  • immigration

College representatives, admissions specialists and financial aid advisors participate in Las Llaves to help you get the information you want and need.

Photo of Llaves students

What Should I Bring to the Event?

For the spring Las Llaves only, if you are interested in applying for financial aid, be sure to fill out and bring a copy of the FAFSA Checklist (or the TASFA Checklist if you are ineligible for the FAFSA):

FAFSA Checklist (PDF - 77KB)
Hoja de Control para Completar el FAFSA (PDF - 76KB)

TASFA Checklist (for students who are ineligible for the FAFSA) (PDF - 92KB)
Hoja de Control para Completar el TASFA (PDF - 133KB)

What Is the History of Las Llaves?

Las Llaves was started in fall 2002 by a committee of community members who wanted to encourage high school students to graduate and continue their education.

The founding group intended to target the Latino community and its tendency to make family-based decisions about attending college. Sessions were created to inform students and Spanish-speaking parents about options for higher education. All interested high school students may attend, and the program now serves as an access tool for larger, underrepresented communities in Dallas.

Who Partners With Las Llaves?

Las Llaves events are the result of a partnership among:

Where Can I Find More Information About Going to College?

See our Online Resources page for links to websites with information about applying to college, financial aid, scholarships, careers and more!