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Wi-Fi at Your College Will Soon Be 10 Times Faster

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Do you ever have trouble connecting to the Internet at your college? That may soon be a thing of the past. We’re expanding Wi-Fi at all seven of our colleges.

When finished this summer, Internet speed using Wi-Fi should be 10 times faster than it was in 2013!

The faster Wi-Fi will let you stream videos on mobile devices. “We want to provide Wi-Fi service that allows excellent streaming video to every student,” says Steve Glick, associate district director of information technology and network services.
Wi-Fi lets students connect to the Internet wirelessly.
“We view Wi-Fi as a basic utility, much like water and electricity,” Glick says.
Research Indicates That You Agree
In a survey for the Wi-Fi Alliance, Wakefield Research found that 90 percent of students view Wi-Fi as essential to their educational success, much like the classroom and computer.
DCCCD also will add more than 1,000 wireless radios (access points). That will bring the total to more than 2,000. Adding more wireless means easier Wi-Fi access.
And, DCCCD has improved the colleges’ wide area network. That network delivers Internet to each college.
“By improving wireless services, DCCCD administrators have shown a serious commitment to addressing the needs of our students,” Glick said.