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For Job Skills or Just for Fun, Continuing Ed Pays Off

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Do you have friends or family members who want to upgrade their job skills? Or perhaps you want to learn creative skills suc​h as how to make jewelry or take photographs? Maybe you think it would be useful to know workforce Spanish, life-saving CPR or the latest computer applications?

Whatever you, friends or family members want to learn, we probably have a Continuing Education class for it at the colleges of DCCCD.

Low-Cost Career Training
If you’re hoping to advance your career by upgrading your job skills, our colleges are the place to look. You can get training usually for a lower cost than comparable programs. For-profit certificate programs cost, on average, four and a half times as much as a comparable program at a community college in the same area, according to a recent government report (PDF – 943KB).
Creative and Useful Classes
The seven colleges of DCCCD have hundreds of classes to interest your creative side as well as your practical interests. Just a few of the many classes are:
  • jewelry making
  • photography
  • creative writing
  • computer training
  • Spanish and other languages
  • Dance
  • accounting and payroll
  • entrepreneurship
  • CPR/Basic Life Support

Don’t wait! Tell friends and family about the
great classes we offer this summer and register now.