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Welding Can Be Career or Creative Outlet

A welder in action
Do you like the challenge of putting things together? Are you a creative problem-solver? Are you good with your hands and adventurous enough to make a few sparks fly?
Welding is both a technical skill and a creative art with many different applications. Our Welding Technology program can help you train for immediate work or could spark a creative streak you might not even know you have.
Our students are about equally split in taking welding for work-related skills and for creating metal art or home projects.
Whether you take just one welding course or earn a degree or certificate, you’ll learn techniques to fire up your ability to work with metal. Our instructors will help you to develop the projects that are already in your head or garage.
Mountain View College and Eastfield College offer the Welding Technology program for credit. View degrees and certificates.
El Centro College offers a non-credit Fundamentals of Welding course at its Bill J. Priest campus. Mountain View College also offers non-credit welding classes. Check with its Continuing Education office.
What Kinds of Jobs Are There for Welders?
Welders work in a variety of jobs in wide-ranging industries that include:
·         Aerospace
·         Agriculture
·         Automotive manufacture and repair
·         Chemical processing
·         Construction
·         General manufacturing
·         Mining
·         Oil and gas extraction
·         Plant maintenance
·         Plumbing and pipe welding
·         Railroad construction and repair
·         Shipbuilding
·         Underwater welding
Learn more about careers for welders. Then, head on over to the Web to learn all the details about the Welding Technology program at Mountain View and Eastfield colleges.