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Dallas Mavs Tickets

Dallas Mavericks logo

Our students, faculty and staff get discount tickets to Dallas Mavericks games.

To order your tickets online:

  1. Go to the Dallas Mavericks' student discount site at
  2. Click on "DCCCD"
  3. Select “Find Tickets” for the game you want
  4. Enter your email address. If you don't have a DCCCD email address, use rangel as the Special Offer Code. Click "Verify."
  5. Log in or create a new Ticketmaster/Dallas Mavericks account. This is a normal account; since you can purchase multiple tickets with one account, it’s called a “group account.”
  6. Claim tickets: Select the number and type of tickets you want to purchase
  7. Purchase and print your tickets fee-free!

Have any questions about the process? Contact Ernest Rangel at 214-658-7107 or

Come out to the American Airlines Center and cheer on the Dallas Mavs!