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Continuing Education⁄Workforce Training Courses That Are Cross Listed

The courses in the lists below are those Continuing Education/Workforce Training courses that are cross listed. Cross listing means that the two courses cover the same material; in other words, they are equivalent for the purpose of charging additional tuition. It is the same as taking a course twice. Cross listed courses or courses identified as equivalent in the lists below count against each other for tuition purposes, but may not be used to fulfill degree plan/graduation requirements.
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Continuing Education Course NumberTitle (Course Titles May Vary)Cross Listed Courses
ABDR-1001 Auto Body Repair and RepaintABDR-1001, ABDR-1002
ABDR-1002 Fund Auto Body Repair/RepaintABDR-1001, ABDR-1002
ABDR-1007 Collision Repair WeldingABDR-1307, ABDR-1007
ABDR-1019 Basic Metal RepairABDR-1519, ABDR-1019, ABDY-1570, AB-151, AB-111, AB-112
ABDR-1031 Basic RefinishingABDR-1431, ABDR-1031
ABDR-1055 Non-Structural Metal RepairABDR-1555, ABDY-1572, AB-153, AB-113, AB-114, ABDR-1055
ABDR-1058 Intermediate RefinishingABDR-1558, ABDY-1573, AB-154, AB-123, AB-124, ABDR-1058
ABDR-1091 St Auto/Automotive Body RepairABDR-1391, ABDR-1191, ABDR-1091, ABDY-2170, AB-256, AB-225
ABDR-2041 Maj. Col. Repair/Panel ReplaceABDR-2541, ABDY-2570, AB-251, AB-211, AB-212, ABDR-2041
ACNT-1001 Beginning BookkeepingACNT-1001, ACNT-1000
ACNT-1003 Introduction to Accounting IACNT-1303, ACNT-1003, ACCT-1371, ACC-131, BUS-131
ACNT-1004 Introduction to Accounting IIACNT-1304, ACCT-1372, ACC-132, BUS-132, ACNT-1004
ACNT-1005 Forensic AccountingACNT-1305, ACNT-1005
ACNT-1011 Intro Computerized AccountingACNT-1311, ACNT-1011
ACNT-1013 Computerized Accounting AppsACNT-1313, ACNT-1013, ACCT-2370, ACC-250
ACNT-1029 Payroll/Business Tax AccountinACNT-1329, ACNT-1029
ACNT-1031 Federal Income Tax: IndividualACNT-1431, ACNT-1031, ACNT-1331, ACCT-2372, ACC-239, BUS-239
914 records found1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 ...