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We have a growing number of videos to help you best navigate and use myPortal.


Constituency Sites
Learn about myPortal Constituency Sites and how to navigate between them.
Navigating the menus
Learn how to navigate through the information sites in myPortal with the menu bar.
myPortal Sites
Constituency sites? Team sites? mySites? What are the different myPortal sites?
myPortal Tasks
Learn how myPortal can help you view and manage your tasks on the go.
myPortal Calendar
Learn how to view and edit the calendar in myPortal.
Manage Meetings
Learn how myPortal can help you manage your meetings more efficiently.
Automate Approvals
Let myPortal help you automate the approval processes in your workflow.
Collaborate on Documents
Avoid multiple versions of the same documents. Collaborate in new ways with myPortal.
Create a Team Site
Learn how to share calendars and other information with a myPortal team site.
Create a Blog
Learn how to create a blog in myPortal to share your knowledge with your co-workers.
Manage To-Do Lists
Manage your to-do lists in one place with myPortal.
Backup Your Data
Don't risk losing your data. Share your documents in myPortal for easy access.
Search myPortal
Learn how to use the search features in myPortal
Stay in the Know
Get to know your co-workers with your myPortal newsfeed.
Track resources
Track mission critical inventory with myPortal.
Create email alerts
With myPortal Team Sites, you can easily share content and ideas with your teams and workgroups. myPortal alerts make it easy to stay on top of the changes your co-workers submit on a regular basis.
Add events to shared calendars
Add events to shared myPortal calendars